10 Street Artists to Watch in 2012

from Complex Magazine  This is Not a Bomb by Enzo & Nio - Street Art - Brooklyn, NY

It's kind of crazy to see where street art has gone in the last decade. We've witnessed an explosion of interest, resulting in exhibitions, festivals, and (of course) websites dedicated to the subject. Obviously, street art has also tickled the fancy of the mainstream. Five years ago it would have seemed insane to suggest a street artist would work a campaign poster for the president. Or, sell big at auction.

Times have changed.

And, as the mainstream embraces street art and some artists grow to receive great recognition (for example, JR), the underground continues to bubble.

We linked with RJ Rushmore, the man behind Vandalog, to get a sense of where the street art scene is heading in 2012. He ably offered up a few names and talked us through the folks he thinks are next.

Of Enzo & Nio RJ says, "This duo seemed to have come out of nowhere to make some of the most tumblr-friendly street art of 2011. It's difficult to be a funny or clever street artist without being written off as another Banksy clone, but Enzo and Nio are pulling it off." (Click to see original article)