An Evening with Enzo & Nio

You're Still Gonna Die by Enzo & Nio, photo by Saki Waki
"...After walking around for a little more than an hour, we headed over to a bar whose name is already a blur. We sat and chatted about random things; not their works. They don’t like discussing their work as it might lead to them affecting the way I interpret it, therefore; it is never discussed, they prefer it this way. We share several good laughs, plenty of smiles and already they’re mocking my skills. As I pathetically finish my first beer, Nio’s gulping the last bits of his second beer, and we take back to the streets.

As we geared up, the medium used to convey their messages changed to the more risky wheatpasting method. Enzo pointed out that everything being put up that night was brand-spanking new and I couldn’t help but take pleasure in both the knowledge and experience of witnessing it hit the streets. And so, your not-so-traditional schoolgirls and soccer moms were suddenly taking over blank walls (read, canvases)..." (For more photos and the entire story click here).