About Nio Gallo

Portrait of Nio Gallo of Brooklyn Street Artists Enzo and Nio

Nio Gallo was born from the joining of two extraordinary and famous Italian dynastic families. The Gallos were successful firework manufacturers and the Murgos were famous circus performers. From this synergistic genetic cocktail sprung an ultra-intelligent boy with a penchant for getting himself into precarious situations.

Gallo spent his boyhood years alternating between doing odd jobs at the Gallo firework factory outside of Rome and traveling around Italy with his mother, assisting with her and his uncle's trapeze act. As the kind of person who generally applies his wits to whatever situation surrounds him, Gallo credits these years for bestowing him with a great many "handy talents" which he calls upon frequently.

In 1989, a problematic situation with the daughter of a prominent Roman political family precipitated his hasty move to Brooklyn, New York where he took up residence with his cousin Carlo Gallo. It was during his second year living with Carlo that Nio experienced his first success in art. He and Carlo would buy or otherwise procure large pieces of rusted sheet metal and, using a secret family pyrotechnic recipe, would blast simple images onto the metal. Most often these images were of sexual organs. Some of these works still hang in the collections of New York's most discerning collectors of pyro art. Carlo and Nio experienced a good degree of success with this art until local ordinances shut down their operation and a feud over a one-legged woman caused them to part ways. At that Gallo entered what he calls his "wandering years" in which he was not only involved, but instrumental in a host of significant moments in recent history.

Today, under an assumed name, Gallo is a very successful fine artist whose work hangs in the collections of several notable museums. He enjoys a variety of hobbies including skeet and trap shooting, antique bicycle collecting, chair caning and collecting medical oddities and paraphernalia. He still occasionally juggles or practices the trapeze when he has time.